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Musicking For Your Personal Wellness


At ADD Music Wellness, we believe everyone has a sweet spot for music – that place where you can access the kinds of musical experiences you want, for the benefits you desire, at the level of assistance you require. This place is your ideal soundscape, where music meets life in a way that promotes healing and wholeness.


ADD Music Wellness to your life. ADD music to who you are.



At ADD Music Wellness, our philosophy is that music is a verb; musicking. Whether engaging actively or passively, music is a human encounter which is accessible and beneficial to all individuals. ADD Music Wellness builds all of their programs based on the knowledge that change and growth in the functions of specific biological structures of the human body are determined either directly or indirectly by the brain.

There is music that’s never heard unless you play it yourself.

Heard on The Mike Farrell Show – Your Life as a Song, self-reflection

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